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Freelance graphic design in a profession, which today, is somewhat oversubscribed.

all aboard

In 1980, I was attending my appointments with record companies, armed with portfolio & trying to get work.

One such visit to Rough Trade resulted in designing poster for Pere Ubu & before long, I was designing MasterBAG and, in-between print deadlines, designed record sleeves & related artwork.
After meeting Dick O'Dell and doing bits of work for him, I was 'temporary' Art Director at Y Records for a couple of years.

Several years further on, I found myself working for The Institute for Research into Creativity, which in turn, led to designing publicity for local Arts Festivals.

appletree sitetrunkie sitePrevious incarnations of sites: appletree & trunkie.

This interview was in Blitz Magazine 1983
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Remember Letraset?

Typesetters had become Photosetters and would supply galley proofs, but you needed Letraset for your more exotic headline fonts.

apple lisa

Apple Computers: drawing for in-house magazine. Printout from a dot matrix 1984.

My thanks go especially to Bruce, Peter Walmsley, Bob Scotland & Simon Edwards.
Also Richard Scott, Geoff Travis, Scott Piering, Claude Bessy @ Rough Trade
Dominic @ RealTime; Colin @ CB Press; Dick @ Y Records; Mary @ Statik Records; Mary & Jumbo @ Earthworks; Martyn Casey @ Hot Records; Tim & Barry @ Colourgold; Mark Manning, Peter Dillon Parker; Rootsman; Julian Walker; Allan Brack; Dusty Rhodes. Nancy 'O' Adobe forums.